Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pairing skirts and boots for a cute spring look

Happily, we can begin to rejoice because spring and warm temperatures are on the horizon. There are now even days that we can bring out some of our fun spring attire including spring skirts. However, the temps are still not warm enough for most of us to pull out our beloved sandals. The reason simply being because our little toes and our feet would catch a chill. This means some of us may be searching for cute ways to cover our feet when we wear our skirts. The answer to what we may want to wear with our skirts may still be lurking in our closets. Yes, boots can still be worn in the spring and be paired with our skirts for a cute spring look. How can boots be worn with our skirts?

  • An A-line skirt or a mini can easily be paired with a pair of cowboy boots
  • A Maxi or a slouched skirt would look cute with a pair of slouchy boots
  • A Midi pencil skirt could be paired with a pair of lace up boots
  • Bootie boots can be worn with both long and short skirts 

What about the color of your boots?

You can forget the old rule of matching your shoes or this case boots with your purse. You can also forget about matching the color of your boots with the color of your blouse or skirt. You can wear a pair of pink boots, without having any pink in your outfit. All you need to do is make sure you have some color that is close to the pink family within your outfit. This can include a shade of red or a burgundy to make the pink color work.

Yes, boots look really cute with skirts for a spring look. However, we must not forget that they also look cute with dresses, shorts, and jeans. For this reason, you may want to keep a couple pairs of those favorite boots out even when the summer months arrive, especially those ankle styles.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Make your outfit pop with a spring inspired purse

When you think of spring style, you may a consider a shopping spree that centers on capris, dresses, blouses with a lot of color, or even a cute skirt. But don’t forget to check out the purse section of your favorite store, when you are on the hunt for items for your new spring wardrobe. Of course, a purse is a must have for the everyday goings on in your life. However, a purse can be more than that. The right purse can be the one item that can make your spring outfit pop and get you noticed. What types of purses may you want to consider buying this spring?

The tote purse

You can choose from a large or a small tote purse. These sit easily on your shoulder and give you a lot of room for all your essential items. The one above is a Dana Buchman Julia flowered designed and is a small convertible style tote. It can be found in such stores as Kohls.

The crossover bag

The crossover bag is as popular now as it was last season. It is perfect for those women who like to travel light and only carry the essentials. Plus, they come in so many styles, colors, and brands. The above pictured crossover bag was made by Relic Evie and can be found in such store as JC Pennys 

The hobo purse

The hobo purse is ideal for those women who like to carry around everything except the kitchen sink. Plus, these bags are stylish enough to wear with many of our everyday outfits. They come in a variety of colors and styles. The one pictured above is a Dooney & Bourke purse and can be found in such stores as Macy's 

Backpack purses

Backpack purses are ideal for those people who are on the go. Yes, you can stash quite a bit of items in this bag. Plus, carrying it is a breeze. Many backpacks are designed in spring colors or flowered designs like the one above by Rosetti Tinley which can be found at Kohls. 

Yes, once you check out that purse section of your favorite store you will see that you have many choices of spring inspired purses this season. In fact, you may find that choosing just one is as hard as choosing just one tee shirt.

Happy shopping and happy spring.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Fun ways to wear denim this spring

You know you can’t go wrong with denim. It doesn’t matter the shading or the style. It also doesn’t matter if the denim comes in the form of a pair of jeans, shorts or even a skirt. Plus, pairing that brand-new maxi or mini dress with a faded denim dress sometimes makes the outfit pop. So, what are fun ways you might want to wear your denim this spring? Consider these ideas. .  .

Jean shorts plus a sweater on the cool evenings

Yes, you definitely should consider pairing your favorite shorts with that favorite sweater you just hate to store away in your closet. It could be a crop sweater that is shaded in your faded color. It could be an over-sized sweater that is just so comfortable it should be named Cozy. It could also not be a sweater and be more like a sweat-shirt. The style of the jean shorts is all up to you. Longish jean shorts that fall to your knees would look cute with sweaters. Yet, shorter shorts also look cute with sweaters. Pick that style that suits you best.

Wide Leg Jeans and Crop Tops

Crop tops are perfect for spring. They show off all the hard work you have done on your abs this winter and when you pair them with wide leg jeans that make your stomach look even flatter, as well as smaller. If you don’t own a crop top, at the moment, you can always tie a looser fitting tee shirt at the waistline and make it look like one.
Buttoned down denim shirts and ripped jeans

Denim shirts never seem to go out of style. Plus, they come in all styles and colors. Some of us may even remember wearing these as a teenager. This writer remembers raiding her father’s closet for one and the clinching it with a belt. Now, these denim shirts are being worn with all types of jeans, including the ripped ones. They are also sometimes worn with bralettes or with tank tops. However, they always can be a stand-alone top.

Denim mini skirts

The denim skirt is a mainstay in fashion in my opinion. I just love the look. You can pair the skirt with anything. This spring I love the fact that the denim mini skirt is back in the forefront. I love miniskirts. I have always and probably always will love them. This season the perfect look to me is to pair one of these miniskirts of any wash with a pretty flowered top, a cute pair of sandals or canvas tennis shoes and a denim jacket if the weather is cool. Then you are good to go.

Yes, denim is fun to wear. It is comfortable. Plus, it can make us look good. Why not enjoy all the options we have in wearing it this spring and summer.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Leggings aren't just for the gym

They are comfortable. They are stretchy. They move with your body. Most importantly, they come in many styles in colors and works with most tee shirts and tank tops. You know, I am talking about the new essential must-have wardrobe item known as the legging.

This piece works for those lucky people who have the curves in all the right places, for those who are trying to hide a few pounds and for those who are overweight. The reason it works is because of the tops we can wear with it. We can wear crops, short tops, tops to our waistbands and tops that will hang over our derriere. Plus, the comfort that we get from wearing this item is unlike anything we can wear except for sweats. But when we wear sweats we may feel sloppy. Leggings don’t usually make anyone feel sloppy. The reason why is that they are neat fitting yet made from stretchable and breathable material to make them feel superbly comfortable.

Are there any rules to wearing leggings? No, not really, at least not anymore. But there are a few tips that can make your legging outfit look even better. Here are a few to help guide you:

  • ·        In the summer and spring months consider wearing your leggings with ballet flats when you are tired of the boring sneakers. You may also want to consider wearing short dresses with your leggings.
  • ·        Long tank tops look really cute with leggings.
  • ·        Tall boots are an accessory to wear with leggings in the fall and winter months. You can also add a long cardigan to go with this look.
  • ·        Buttoned down shirts look really cute with leggings. This can include short sleeves and long sleeves. In the fall, add a pair of short boots to the look.
  • ·        Experiment with leggings colors if you have the nerve. But when you do, keep the shirt styles a little on the conservative style and possibly add a simple sweater to the look.
  • ·        Shop leggings everywhere, including online sites

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