Friday, April 13, 2018

Fun ways to wear denim this spring

You know you can’t go wrong with denim. It doesn’t matter the shading or the style. It also doesn’t matter if the denim comes in the form of a pair of jeans, shorts or even a skirt. Plus, pairing that brand-new maxi or mini dress with a faded denim dress sometimes makes the outfit pop. So, what are fun ways you might want to wear your denim this spring? Consider these ideas. .  .

Jean shorts plus a sweater on the cool evenings

Yes, you definitely should consider pairing your favorite shorts with that favorite sweater you just hate to store away in your closet. It could be a crop sweater that is shaded in your faded color. It could be an over-sized sweater that is just so comfortable it should be named Cozy. It could also not be a sweater and be more like a sweat-shirt. The style of the jean shorts is all up to you. Longish jean shorts that fall to your knees would look cute with sweaters. Yet, shorter shorts also look cute with sweaters. Pick that style that suits you best.

Wide Leg Jeans and Crop Tops

Crop tops are perfect for spring. They show off all the hard work you have done on your abs this winter and when you pair them with wide leg jeans that make your stomach look even flatter, as well as smaller. If you don’t own a crop top, at the moment, you can always tie a looser fitting tee shirt at the waistline and make it look like one.
Buttoned down denim shirts and ripped jeans

Denim shirts never seem to go out of style. Plus, they come in all styles and colors. Some of us may even remember wearing these as a teenager. This writer remembers raiding her father’s closet for one and the clinching it with a belt. Now, these denim shirts are being worn with all types of jeans, including the ripped ones. They are also sometimes worn with bralettes or with tank tops. However, they always can be a stand-alone top.

Denim mini skirts

The denim skirt is a mainstay in fashion in my opinion. I just love the look. You can pair the skirt with anything. This spring I love the fact that the denim mini skirt is back in the forefront. I love miniskirts. I have always and probably always will love them. This season the perfect look to me is to pair one of these miniskirts of any wash with a pretty flowered top, a cute pair of sandals or canvas tennis shoes and a denim jacket if the weather is cool. Then you are good to go.

Yes, denim is fun to wear. It is comfortable. Plus, it can make us look good. Why not enjoy all the options we have in wearing it this spring and summer.

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