Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Leggings aren't just for the gym

They are comfortable. They are stretchy. They move with your body. Most importantly, they come in many styles in colors and works with most tee shirts and tank tops. You know, I am talking about the new essential must-have wardrobe item known as the legging.

This piece works for those lucky people who have the curves in all the right places, for those who are trying to hide a few pounds and for those who are overweight. The reason it works is because of the tops we can wear with it. We can wear crops, short tops, tops to our waistbands and tops that will hang over our derriere. Plus, the comfort that we get from wearing this item is unlike anything we can wear except for sweats. But when we wear sweats we may feel sloppy. Leggings don’t usually make anyone feel sloppy. The reason why is that they are neat fitting yet made from stretchable and breathable material to make them feel superbly comfortable.

Are there any rules to wearing leggings? No, not really, at least not anymore. But there are a few tips that can make your legging outfit look even better. Here are a few to help guide you:

  • ·        In the summer and spring months consider wearing your leggings with ballet flats when you are tired of the boring sneakers. You may also want to consider wearing short dresses with your leggings.
  • ·        Long tank tops look really cute with leggings.
  • ·        Tall boots are an accessory to wear with leggings in the fall and winter months. You can also add a long cardigan to go with this look.
  • ·        Buttoned down shirts look really cute with leggings. This can include short sleeves and long sleeves. In the fall, add a pair of short boots to the look.
  • ·        Experiment with leggings colors if you have the nerve. But when you do, keep the shirt styles a little on the conservative style and possibly add a simple sweater to the look.
  • ·        Shop leggings everywhere, including online sites

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