Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pairing skirts and boots for a cute spring look

Happily, we can begin to rejoice because spring and warm temperatures are on the horizon. There are now even days that we can bring out some of our fun spring attire including spring skirts. However, the temps are still not warm enough for most of us to pull out our beloved sandals. The reason simply being because our little toes and our feet would catch a chill. This means some of us may be searching for cute ways to cover our feet when we wear our skirts. The answer to what we may want to wear with our skirts may still be lurking in our closets. Yes, boots can still be worn in the spring and be paired with our skirts for a cute spring look. How can boots be worn with our skirts?

  • An A-line skirt or a mini can easily be paired with a pair of cowboy boots
  • A Maxi or a slouched skirt would look cute with a pair of slouchy boots
  • A Midi pencil skirt could be paired with a pair of lace up boots
  • Bootie boots can be worn with both long and short skirts 

What about the color of your boots?

You can forget the old rule of matching your shoes or this case boots with your purse. You can also forget about matching the color of your boots with the color of your blouse or skirt. You can wear a pair of pink boots, without having any pink in your outfit. All you need to do is make sure you have some color that is close to the pink family within your outfit. This can include a shade of red or a burgundy to make the pink color work.

Yes, boots look really cute with skirts for a spring look. However, we must not forget that they also look cute with dresses, shorts, and jeans. For this reason, you may want to keep a couple pairs of those favorite boots out even when the summer months arrive, especially those ankle styles.

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